Tutorial: Making a Tray Step By Step

Tutorial: Making a Tray Step By Step

With a laser cutter, there's almost no end to the creative things you can make, yet I still find myself loving the simplicity of boxes or box-like designs like these trays. Maybe it's the symmetry, I don't know. But they are both easy to make and function to use in our daily lives, so I want to teach you how to make them for yourself.

In this tutorial I start at http://old.makercase.com/. They have a "new" website now, but I prefer the UI of the old one. Of course you can use it or any of the other many box maker websites out there. They are all very similar.

After creating the SVG for the box, I take you to Illustrator to make some small edits. Again, you can use any vector design program you like. The principles are all the same.

Finally, after cutting the design on my Glowforge, I show you how they go together.

If you use this tutorial to make boxes or trays, let me know! I would love to see your creations.

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