Lighthouse with Shelf

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This lighthouse is ~16.5" tall and is made to hang on the wall. It comes with a 4"x6" shelf to sit small things like a plant or other display item on it. Large rounded slotted stands are also included. 

Paint, stain, or mix different materials together to make a look all your own. 

Learn more under Project Details. *No physical items included.*

Project Details


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  • PDF
  • SVG
  • DXF


  • 1/4" Maple Plywood (actual thickness 0.238")

  • Any material can be used. Sample slot included and should be cut first and slot adjusted to match your material)



  • Height: 16.41"
  • Width: 10.61"
  • Shelf: 4" x 6"



  • Behind the two circles at the top are holes from which to hang the lighthouse with nails.

  • A sample slot is included. You will ALWAYS want to measure your material with calipers first. All materials that are labeled 0.25" are different and very few are actually 0.25". Most are under, some quite a bit. 

  • The two parts you'll need to adjust if needed are the t-shaped slot at the bottom of the lighthouse and the length of the slot on the shelf.


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