Crisscross Shelves

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This is a simple-yet-fun way to store and display books or other small items. While it was initially designed to have the cubbies at a 45° angle, there's no reason you couldn't use them any way you wish - have fun!

Project Details

File Format: SVG

Materials I Used: .25" Maple Plywood from https://smokeyhilldesigns.com/

Slot Sizes: 0.24"

Measurements & Material Usage:

  • Overall Size: ~26.5" long x 18" tall x 5.48" deep
  • Each cubbie area is 7.25" square
  • This takes ~2.5 12" x 20" sheets of material


  • You can resize this design, but you must account for the slot sizes when you do.
  • You can use any material and thickness that you wish, but the slots may need to be resized in your vector program.
  • Need help with resizing slots, kerf, etc? See the tutorials under the "Tips and Tutorials" tab above.
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