Cutting a Design with Multiple Layers in One File [Glowforge]

Cutting a Design with Multiple Layers in One File [Glowforge]

One of the techniques I try to help beginning designers to use when working with a Glowforge is using different colors to represent different layers in the Glowforge UI (User Interface).

Using different colors for different parts or sections allows the Glowforge to see those as separate or different, so they will load into the sidebar on the left as separate pieces. 

The specific colors you use don't really matter. It only matters that they are different.

When you load a file like the Home Sweet Home design (seen in the video), you'll likely want to use different materials for the different layers. But even if you cut it all out of the same material, you'll still want to either "ignore" some layers while working with others or drag some off the workspace while cutting the others. Either way works and you'll find what works best for you from job to job.

Watch the video below for more details. Message me if you have questions!