VIP Monthly Subscription

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For just $25 a month, you get:

  • EVERY SINGLE NEW DESIGN WE CREATE DURING THAT MONTH! We typically create at least 10 new designs each month, sometimes a LOT more. Whatever we post during each month you're a member, you get it all for free! 

    ** I post links to each new design in our VIP-Only Facebook group as they are completed, so you can grab them then. I also email all of the designs from that month to all subscribers on the last day of each month. 

  • Each of the new designs will not only be free for my VIPs, but they'll also get them 30 days ahead of everyone else. When they've been available to VIPs for 30 days, they'll then be available to the public to buy for regular price. 

    ** If you were not a VIP during the month when those items came out, you'll still be able to buy them at 40% off when they do go public.

  • VIPs 40% OFF all of our files in our store 24/7/365!

  • A VIP-ONLY Facebook Group where you can get more direct access to Mark for help with designs, business coaching, and more to come!
  • 2 files each month will be exclusive to that month's VIP Subscribers and they won't be available to anyone else for 6 months.
  • Click the VIP DETAILS tab above for all of the details!

     NOTE: There is a month-to-month option for $25/month AND there's an annual option to pay for the year in advance and get one month free (total of $274.92). Please read all of the details under the VIP Details tab above before choosing.

    VIP Details

    Ready to become a VIP Early Access Subscriber?

     STEP 1: Subscribe by buying this item.

    ✅ STEP 2: Log into your account here if you're not already.

    ✅ STEP 3: Go to the VIP Page and scroll down to see all of the items that are currently free to you for this month (The most current items and info will be in the VIP Facebook Group).

    ✅ STEP 4: Put them into your cart along with anything else you'd like and check out.


    🤩 BONUS! Go to and request to join. Include your subscriber email address in the field provided. Allow up to 48 hours to be added to the group.


    REMEMBER that you'll be emailed all of the files from each month on the last day of the month, so no need to download them one at a time unless you just want to.

    If you have any questions, please message Mark at





    The VIP Early Access Subscription Program is a monthly subscription that costs $25 a month. 

    • It renews on the 1st of each month for $25 (regardless of what day you started your subscription in the previous month). 

    • If your card is declined, you'll have until the 5th of the month to correct it, after which your subscription will be automatically canceled and access removed.

    • No matter when you initially subscribe, the next billing cycle starts on the 1st of the next month.

    • To have access to any of the subscription perks, you must log into your account at 

    • This subscription program only applies to and is not available on Etsy or any other platform.

    • You may cancel at any time by going to your account and clicking the "manage subscription" button and following the instructions. If you cancel, Your access to all of the subscription perks will immediately disappear.

    • THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OR PRORATED AMOUNTS FOR ANY TIME LEFT ON YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IF YOU CANCEL DURING THE PERIOD. If you're considering annual, but aren't sure, choose the monthly first and then cancel and choose annual once you're sure. 
    • The VIP Facebook Group: We have no way to automatically add you and we don't know what everyone's name is on Facebook, so please go to and request to join. 

      NOTE: In your group request, you MUST include the email address that you use for your account on We will check your subscription and admit you if your subscription is current.

      ** The VIP Facebook Group membership is all handled manually, so it may take up to 2 business days for access to be granted, so please be patient. 

    • If you have any questions, please message Mark at or 
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