Under the Sea Group

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This Under the Sea Group includes a sea turtle, dolphin, sea horse, starfish, and 2 kinds of shells. They're all made with multiple layers that make them beautiful pieces of art by themselves or as a collection. Make them large or make them small, they'll be attention-getters however and wherever you showcase them!

** Couple of ideas! Group them for a wall or bathroom art piece. Use them individually for a name sign for a child's room. Cut them as large as you can for a beautiful layered art piece by themselves!

Learn more under Project Details above.

* Digital Download Only. No Physical Items Included. *

Project Details

** The turtle has 6 layers and the others have 3 each. **

 ** Marketing photos are included in the download set, so you're welcome to use the photos in the download to promote your creations to your customers!



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF



  • 1/4" MDF - but you can use any materials and thicknesses you want
  • Krylon Spray Paints



  • You can size these to any size you want. The only thing to consider when making them smaller is to watch the dividing lines between each segment on the top layer. The smaller the designs get, the thinner and closer together those segment lines will get.
    ** These would all be beautiful as larger pieces of art on a wall!



  • All lines = cut.
  • All designs are 100% resizable - be sure to select all layers together when resizing!



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