Shiplap Circle with Puzzle Support (up to 18”!)

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One of the limitations to having a Glowforge Basic (or another laser with a limited bed size) is not being able to make things larger than 11"x19" (the approximate working size of the Glowforge).

But with this approach, you can make a shiplap style sign and use a support piece on the back that fits together like a puzzle and make a circle up to 18" across!

Project Details


As you'll see in the video, I made an 18"+ circle cut into slats and cut 3 of them on one sheet of material and the last 2 on another sheet. Then I cut a 2-part circle that is connected with a puzzle-style connector piece on the ends of each. This circle then becomes the support piece for the back of the larger circle.

* I also included 3 large words (family, faith, gather) that you're free to use if you like!

This principle can be used to make other larger things as well, so once you get this one, I hope to hear about what other things you create!


  • 100% resizeable
  • You can use ANY material - it doesn't matter at all
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