Set of 6 Award Shapes with Bases

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This set of 6 award shapes is extremely flexible and I know you’ll be able to make a LOT of great things with it! 5 of the designs are 5.5"-6" tall and wide and the one with the star is 8" tall x 7" wide.

Project Details

Here are a few details and tips for using this file:

  • No text or designs are included in the files - you create and add your own.

  • You’ll see a photo of one that has the background engraved with the text in relief. The shape is included, but you'll be adding your own content so that effect will be something you create.

  • The awards are designed for Glowforge Thick Clear Acrylic and Glowforge Thick Plywood, but you can use whatever material you like. Have fun with different bases! - but see below about file adjustments.

  • The slots for the acrylic are 0.2125” thick. You can use any materials you like, but you MUST measure your materials and adjust the height of the slots to your material AND you’ll need to adjust the height of the tab that goes into the bases to be sure it doesn’t stick out if you change material thicknesses.

  • The design with the star is made to either be cut with the star empty OR to cut the star out of another material and insert it. There is a star file that is slightly larger so that it will fit nicely - you’ll want to use that one if you want an inserted star. You may have to glue it in so it will stay put.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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