Set of 3 Ornament Holders

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If you want to display your favorite ornament in a unique way, look no further! This set of 3 Ornament Holders are all definitely unique! We've got our original Christmas Tree-shaped holder with lines of garland and a star on top. But then we also have what we affectionately call the Charlie Tree that is bent and losing all of its leaves. And finally to round out the set we have the full Bent Tree with all of its needles still intact! 

Learn more under the Project Details tab. 

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Project Details




All 3 ornament holders can hold an ornament that's up to 4" in diameter. You can make each holder out of any material and thickness you prefer, but the slot sizes in the files are 0.116", so be sure to measure your material first and do a small slot test before cutting the whole design and adjust if needed. 

I've got several tutorials right here on my site showing how to adjust slots for Illustrator, Inkscape, Silhouette Business Edition, and Affinity Designer. 



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF



  • Charlie Tree: 9.5" x 8.7"
  • Bent Tree: 11.1" x 10.6"
  • Christmas Tree: 10.8" x 6.43"



  • 1/8" MDF from 
  • Slot sizes are 0.116" Always measure your material first and adjust slots if needed.
  • LocTiteGO2 glue
  • Krylon and Rust-Oleum Spray Primers and Paints



  • The Charlie Tree has 5 leaves (10 in the file, 5 for each side of the tree). Be sure to watch the File Overview video for more info. The numbers 1-5 are engraved on each leaf and on the tree so you know where each goes.
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