Set of (10) 8-Inch Square Coffee-Themed Signs

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This set is all about Joe. You know, Liquid Energy! Cupped Lightning! Jitter Juice! Ok... coffee. You know what I mean. 🤪 Maybe I need to drink a little less... But I digress!

🔥This Set includes (10) new coffee-themed designs AND (18) background textures!🔥 And of course it includes the scored frame design as well. 

**BONUS! The Set includes a stand design PLUS 2 ADDITIONAL SIGNS! (see pics)

Learn more under the Project Details tab.

* Digital Download Only. No Physical Items Included. *

Project Details


Each design includes the 8" square with score lines for the placement of the text as well as a "shiplap" look with horizontal lines that are also scored. 

The background textures are optional, but have fun matching them with the designs! I recommend primarily sticking with the same color for the back piece and the texture layer to be sure the text is easy to read. You can mix up colors, just be careful regarding the readability.

** NOTE: If you're going to use one of the textured backgrounds, I recommend that you ignore or delete the shiplap lines because they will show through the background. 



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF



  • 8" x 8"



  • 1/8" MDF 
  • You can use any material and any thickness you prefer
  • I used Krylon Spray Primer and Paints
  • LocTiteGO2 glue



  • The RED lines are to be SCORED.
  • The BLACK lines are CUT.
  • Any GREEN lines are ENGRAVE.


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