Rotating Reminders: Laundry

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This rotating reminder can be flipped to help you or a loved one remember an important task or idea - in this case, laundry.

It has the messages, "Laundry Clean" and "Laundry Dirty" on each side to remind you whether it's done or not. 

Learn more under Project Details.
*Digital download only. No physical items included.*

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Project Details

There are other individual Rotating Reminders listed and you can find them at this link or by using the search bar for "rotating reminders." You can also purchase the entire set along with a wall mounted holder.



  • SVG
  • AI
  • PDF
  • DXF



  • Dry Erase Board / Chalkboard from Lowe's

  • The slots are 0.115". ALWAYS MEASURE YOUR MATERIAL WITH CALIPERS AND CUT THE SAMPLE SLOT FIRST. Then adjust the slots if needed before cutting the whole project.

  • You can use any material you want to. Natural woods would look great as would painted MDF.



  • Rotating Reminders: 8.9" x 3.25" x 2.5"



  • PLEASE WATCH THE FILE OVERVIEW VIDEO for more tips and info (video below. It includes info on the wall mounted hanger for the entire set as well)

  • >> WHEN ASSEMBLING << Glue one set of words on a reminder, then flip it over vertically and glue the other set of words on the other side, being sure that they are oriented correctly.




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