Rectangle Vase Stands (3 Sizes)

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This design is wonderfully elegant and simple! It takes two rectangles of different sizes and creates a stand for a vase that has a heart cut out of one piece and a romantic quote on the other. 

It comes in 3 different sizes and, of course, you can delete the included quote and use your own, cut different shapes out of the pieces, use different materials, and more!

Learn more under Project Details. * Digital Download Only. No Physical Items Included. *

Project Details


  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF 



  • I made many versions including all-wood, 1/2 wood, 1/2 acrylic, and all acrylic. Pictured are the Clear Acrylic and Clear/Fluorescent Yellow combinations.

  • The materials averaged 0.23" thick, so the slots are quite loose for me. Although I could glue the two pieces together, a loose fit is fine for me since they just sit on a table.



  • 0.23" (edit for your materials)


I use LocTiteGO2 for all of my projects.

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