Playing Cards Box

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This box is great to store up to 4 sets of standard playing cards in and is a great replacement for beat up old cardboard boxes. Cards not included, of course.

Project Details


  • I made it using 0.129" Draftboard from Glowforge


  • Bottom box outside dimensions 5.55" long x 3.92" wide x 1.53 tall
  • Tabs are made for material that is 0.129" thick or less


    • 0.129". I included a sample slot for you to cut first. ALWAYS DO THIS.
    • My fit was loose and glue was used. 

    If after you cut the sample slot your material is too thick, editing these types of designs is doable, but a bit time consuming. I would recommend making your own with the proper sizing using an app for the iPad/iPhone like Box-O-Matic or websites like I have a list of box maker websites on my List page here. (They’re near the bottom of the page)

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