Phone Keychain Stand

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Everyone thinks these are bottle openers at first glance, but when they see how many different ways they prop up a phone, they all want one (and you will too)!

Project Details

Included are 2 files (1 SVG and 1 PDF). There you'll find 2 slotted keychains, 1 with a round hole and one with a rounded rectangle hole. Then, as a bonus for a friend who requested it, I am also including a non-slotted keychain with a rounded rectangle hole.

They're ~1" x3" and you can cut them from wood or acrylic and the design comes blank so you can engrave anything you like on them - company logos, words or phrases, etc. They're so easy to personalize and fun to give as individual gifts or at tradeshows or other larger events as marketing pieces!

The slot is .4" wide, so it will fit most phones, but you can adjust the slot width in your design program if needed.

I highly recommend using a thicker material around 3/16"-1/4". Thinner materials don't survive keys and purses very well. Thick acrylic is the best and thick plywood works well too.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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