Phone Stand Amplifier

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This "phone stand amplifier" is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids (young and old alike)! Your phone stands in it and even has a place to run a charging cord through the back to keep it powered as you play music or store it. And when you play music, the sound is directed out the "speaker" ports toward the listener with a slight volume increase. 

You'll be able to use all kinds of materials, but the mix of clear and colored acrylic really makes these fun to look at!

Project Details


File Format: SVG + PDF

Materials I Used: .25" Clear and Pink Acrylic from

Amount of Material: 1 Sheet of 12" x 20" total usage

Glue I Used: LocTite GO2

Size: 7.3" long x 3.7" tall x (width varies with materials)


  • Slot size where phone sits: 1.08" x 3.24" Be SURE you measure your phone before cutting the project to be sure it will fit in that space.
  • A 1" square is included in the design in case your vector program doesn't retain sizes properly. You can use that to scale everything to.
  • Additional tips and info are included in the design file itself.
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