Pen Holder

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This pen holder stores up to 44 pens (0.45" in diameter or smaller) and has two slots for rulers or scissors as well.

Project Details


I used 0.23" thick Green Glass Acrylic from Cerulean Tides and 0.23" thick Walnut Plywood from Smokey Hill Designs, but you can use any material you like.

I didn't use any glue since my slots fit quite snugly, BUT ALWAYS MEASURE YOUR MATERIAL FIRST AND CUT A SAMPLE SLOT AND ADJUST THE FILE IF NEEDED BEFORE CUTTING THE PROJECT. You may or may not need glue depending on how well you edit the slots for your material.

If you need to adjust the slot sizes, that's no problem. I included a sample slot so that you can easily resize that slot and replace the existing ones with your resized one.

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