Paperclip Photo Holder

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Here's a fun and whimsical file for a photo/card holder to put on your own desk or end table or to give as a gift to a loved one! It can hold up to 5 items and it also comes with a couple of hearts and a "You Got This!" phrase that can fit in the front slots. It even has a couple of sizes of paperclips that are also interchangeable for many different looks.

Project Details
  • 5.25" circle base x 6" tall paperclip
  • Includes 4 different paperclip sizes, some with slightly slanted bases, 2 hearts, and a "You Got This!" word (font: Mentari)
  • Slots are 0.1" high and made for Glowforge Medium Proofgrade Acrylic
  • You can use any color of material you like - or even paint it to make it even more custom!
  • Slots are easily adjustable in any vector graphics program
  • Any thickness of base can be used - just be sure to test the kerf for your chosen material to be sure the fit isn't too loose for the paperclips or other items
  • Depending on the fit, glue may be required

ALL MATERIALS VARY IN THICKNESS FROM BATCH TO BATCH, so you will need to measure your materials and adjust the slots if necessary. ALWAYS measure your materials before cutting to be sure the fit will be what you expect.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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