Owl Love You Forever Mom

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Finding something special for mom can be hard. This cute layered design is the perfect way to show mom love in a way that can be on display for all to see.

Project Details

Materials I Used:

  • Glowforge Medium Draftboard
  • LockTite GO2 Glue
  • 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive

Size: 7.7"x8"

The layers are glued to the back piece which has the branch at the bottom. Once the body is assembled, you can apply the letters provided in the file or use your own text.

>>Design Notes:

The design can be resized to any size you like and you can also use any materials. The only adjustment that may be needed is for the slot and tab in the base.

The width of the slot is 0.122" and is made for Glowforge "Medium" Draftboard. There's a sample slot in the design that you should cut first and adjust fit if needed before cutting the base.

If you leave the masking on the face of the letters and lay them face down on a piece of tape, it makes it very easy to use a spray adhesive on them. This step can make applying the text to the owl much quicker and easier for you. Lastly you can slip it into the included stand and display it vertically on a table or mantle.

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