Oh What a Savior! Layered Ornament

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You can resize this layered ornament and use any materials you like! Make it 3.5" so it's small enough to hang on a tree or 6" or larger with a a simple slotted base to sit on a mantle or side table.

Project Details

The design has 4 layers: Angels+Star, Building, Manger, and Text. The layers can be glued together in any order you like.

I used Glowforge Thick Plywoods/Clear Acrylic for the larger version pictured (~5.5" circle) and Glowforge Medium Hardwoods for the smaller version (~3.25" circle).

I included a sample slotted base, but since there's so many materials that could be used and an infinite number of sizes possible, the base is just an example. You'll need to measure the thickness of your stack of materials and adjust the height of your slot (see video for an overview) and also adjust the length of the slot based on the overall size you choose. If you make the length approximately from one leg to the other on Baby Jesus' manger, that length should work well.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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