Nature Baby Mobile

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You're going to LOVE this nature-inspired baby mobile! The two crossing pieces are branches and there are 6 cute forest themed shapes to hang in whatever order you like. From the butterfly, ladybug, and bumblebee, to the mushroom, flower, and large leaf, they all add a touch of fun and whimsy that your little one will love to look at. Add your own paint to give it great color and depth!

Project Details

The design comes without a child's name and birthday, so you can use it as-is or add the text to make it even more personalized!

  • All pieces fit on one 12"x20" sheet of material
  • The 2 branches are 19" long
  • Material we used was Glowforge Medium Draftboard
  • Slots are .122"
  • Want to use a different thickness of material? Simply adjust the thickness of the slots and you're good to go!
  • Want to add more leaves or move the existing ones around? Simply duplicate the slots or move them wherever you like!

ALL MATERIALS VARY IN THICKNESS FROM BATCH TO BATCH, so you will need to measure your materials and adjust the slots if necessary. ALWAYS measure your materials before cutting to be sure the fit will be what you expect.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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