Mr and Mrs Ampersand

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This Ampersand is a cute and fun way to celebrate a couple you love or you and yours!

Project Details

The "Mr" and "Mrs" can be cut from any material, resized, repositioned, etc. I have glued them on next to each other horizontally and I've also positioned the "Mr" high on the left and "Mrs" lower on the right. Both options look great!

The slot is measured for ~3/16" (0.179") Walnut Ply, but you should ALWAYS measure the thickness and width of the ampersand after cutting and adjust the slot if necessary before cutting the base. I also included an extra base shape if you wanted to add an acrylic bottom piece. I've done this many times and it looks excellent.

The red represents the thin outline I cut and glued on top of the ampersand to give it depth - but it looks good without the outline as well. Have fun! :)

Need help adjusting slots? I have great tutorials under the "Tips and Tutorials" tab!

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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