Minnesota Themed Keychains (+Phone Stands)

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These keychain designs are great for your favorite Viking (or Minnesotan)! Any good Minnesotan knows "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck!" And Minnesota really is the "Land of 10,000 Rinks!"

Project Details

The two Minnesota shapes are ~2"x2.3" and the rectangles are 1"x2.5" -- and the rectangle-shaped keychains double as phone stands!

You can resize them to any size you want. Just remember to keep the ring hole large enough for whatever you're going to put through it.

Materials I used:
Glowforge "Thick" Clear Acrylic and 1/4" Ocooch Maple Plywood.

Included are two sets of each design, one set being backwards for use on clear acrylic. Engraving backwards on the back produces a cleaner, better looking result.

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