Merry Christmas Town Layered Scene

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You will LOVE how this multi-layered Christmas town scene looks on your mantle or side table! You can use any materials and thicknesses that you like and the only thing you would adjust are the two small stands!

Project Details



Files Included: 9 SVG files. 1 has all of the layers together and then there are 8 other files that have the pieces separated to make it easy if you'd like them as individuals.

11" x 8.4" (can be resized, but see tips below)
Materials I Used: (All were Glowforge Proofgrade Materials)*

  • Thick Walnut Plywood (.22")
  • Thick Maple Plywood (.22")
  • Thick Cherry Plywood (.22")
  • Thick Clear Acrylic (.22")

I highly recommend getting your wood and acrylic from and respectively.

*You can, of course, use any materials or any thicknesses you like. The only adjustments you'll need to make will be to the size of the slot in the two bases to accommodate your chosen material. Other than that, anything would work.

I glue each layer to the next one with LockTiteGO2 glue.

I use a font called Armament for the text.

NOTE: When designing this file, I initially created a piece of acrylic in the front that also has snowflakes on it, but I decided I liked it better without it, but I still included the front file in case you'd like to use it. I recommend that you engrave the front snowflakes very lightly, perhaps at 1000 speed/30-40 power (Glowforge settings). You'll have to widen the stands if you use the front piece as well.


  • You can resize this to any size you like as long as you size all of the pieces together.
  • The reins between the reindeer can be very delicate, so be very careful as you cut and work with them. If you make the design smaller than the original, the reins may become too thin - so consider them as you play around with it!
  • There are 4 small circles included. Those are intended to be under each reindeer to keep Santa and the sleigh all on the same level since Santa sits on the mountain on the left.
  • Want your family name and year on the front? Add your own text to say whatever you like!

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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