Man Cave Sign

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If you have a Man Cave, you need a Man Cave sign, of course! This file comes with the words, "MAN CAVE" and space to add your own text above and below to give it its own tone and personality. You can either engrave all of the text -OR- you can cut the text out and glue it onto the back (both options shown in pictures).

Project Details

Included is a detailed PDF which tells you what materials I used, how to create the different looks, and links to the fonts I used as well. You'll delete the words, "Marcus's" and "My cave my rules!" and insert your own using your own fonts.

The original size is 18.3"x8", but the file is completely resizeable (just don't forget to keep the holes large enough to be used if hanging).

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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