Love You To The Moon And Back

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"Love You To The Moon And Back" is a phase generations have said to their loved ones, so this design celebrates the affection and whimsy behind it.

Project Details

The version pictured was cut from different colors of acrylic (and clear acrylic for the backing piece). The pieces are glued together layer by layer and glued to the backing piece.

Then you can choose to cut a hole in the clear acrylic to hang it on the wall -OR- use the included stand and extended backing piece to display it vertically on a table or mantle.

Materials I Used:

  • Glowforge Medium Acrylic (Red, Black, Green, Yellow, & Blue)
  • Thick Black Acrylic for Base
  • LockTite GO2 Glue

NOTE: The design can be resized to any size you like. You can also use any materials. The only adjustment that may be needed is for the slot and tab in the base. The tab length is 0.223" and made for the depth of Glowforge "Thick" Acrylic. The width of the slot is 0.1" and is made for Glowforge "Medium" clear acrylic. If you're going to hang it, no adjustments will be needed.


ALL MATERIALS CAN VARY IN THICKNESS FROM BATCH TO BATCH, so you will need to measure your materials and adjust the slot if needed. ALWAYS cut a test slot before doing the whole project.

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