Alphabet Letter Banks

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What kid doesn't love a way to store their money? These Letter Banks are a fun way to teach young ones to save. They could even be used to collect other things like heart shapes at a wedding or other creative ideas you have! 

The design comes with two "spacer" layers, but you can add more to make the bank as deep as you'd like them to accommodate whatever you like.

* Digital Download - No Physical Items Included *

🔥🔥 BONUS! The entire set now includes banks for the numbers 0-9 too! 🔥🔥

Project Details




* I included photos of A-E and a picture of what the shape of all 28 letters look like above. 

** To keep the design simple, you get the money out of the top slot where it went in. If you plan to put things like paper money in, either be sure it's folded flat OR add another spacer layer or two to give enough space for it to move freely.



I made a simple door to go in the back of the Baby Animal Bank designs and it’s a free download. It can work for many of the letters, depending on how they are shaped. The download link is in the description of this video. >>


 *** 6 Marketing Photos are included!! ***

I don't normally allow my photos to be used, but this set includes unbranded photos of A-E and a group of A, B, and C for you to use to market to your audience!

Use them however you like - put your logo on them, use them in marketing pieces - you've got full permission to use the 6 included in the download.



FILE FORMATS (in 1 Zip File):

  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF



  • Names not included - you'll make your own and glue them onto the bank.
  • Of course you can use any font that you like. Cursive ones look best, I think. I used a font called Arrafah. You can buy it here:



  • Each letter varies slightly in width, but they are all ~9" tall and average 9"-10" wide. A few like W and M are wider, but come with 2 versions, a wide and narrow version.
  • Width of the coin space - depends on the thickness of the material you choose and how many spacers you include (see video above and ADDITIONAL NOTES below. 





  • (2) 11"x19" sheets of 1/4" MDF + 1/2 sheet of 1/8” MDF + (1/2) sheet of 11"x19" clear acrylic.

  • I used 1/4" for the back layer and the spacers and 1/8" acrylic and 1/8" for the top piece.

  • NOTE: Wider letters like W and M take 4 sheets of MDF since they are too wide to fit 2 pieces to a sheet. HOWEVER, I also included condensed versions of M and W if you prefer to use less material and don't mind them being smaller than the other letters.



  • 0.21". Measure your material FIRST and compare to the slot. Adjust the slot if needed before cutting the project. I HIGHLY recommend that you cut a sample of the slot and test first.
  • I have a free Slot Sizer file that will help you determine the slot size needed. Download that here and watch the video there as well. -->



  • The initial design calls for 2 spacer layers. These layers combine to make the thickness where the coins go. That space is dictated by the thickness of the material you choose.
  • If you'd like more space for things like bills or other items, simply add as many additional spacers as you'd like. 
  • The slot(s) in the top are at least 2" wide. Many are wider. 
  • Some letters have multiple slots at the top. These are there to allow coins to get into both areas in the letter. 

🔥🔥 The set now includes banks for the numbers 0-9 too! In the number files, all colors = cut. I used black to indicate the parts I made with 1/4" MDF, blue for those I cut from 1/8" clear acrylic, and orange for optional 1/4" or 1/8" MDF.

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