Layered Thank You Award

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If you need a unique award to say "Thank You," this could be a great choice - and if you're looking for an award to sell to to customers, this one will certainly catch their eye!

Project Details

It's made to have a 3-layered "Thank You" at the top and a personal message engraved in the clear acrylic directly below. Then you can cut the person's name from whatever material you like and glue it to the base.

Then the base is intended to be a double layer of 1/4" material.

Want to use different materials? No problem! You'll just need to adjust the slot and tab. See below.

**NOTE: You MUST measure your materials before cutting and compare it to the slots in the design and adjust if needed. Need help? See my Tips and Tutorials tab above.

** A 1" square is included in the design file for size reference if you're using a vector program that doesn't handle SVG sizing accurately.


(Any material and thickness can be used - you'll just have to adjust the tab at the bottom of the main piece and the size of the slots. Please see video listed below if help is needed)

  • Glowforge Thick Walnut or Maple Plywood for the base layer
  • Glowforge Thick Clear Acrylic for the main piece and base layer
  • Glowforge Medium Maple, Cherry, and Walnut Hardwood
  • LockTite GO2 glue

Avenir (Main text)
Alegreya SC (Angela Collier)
Heritage ("Thank You")


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