Layered Business Card Holder

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Looking for a modern business card holder for your desk or for a gift? Look no more! Here is a multilayer design that you can make with any material you choose. Make it with thick plywood or thin acrylic or a mix of different materials. Make it however you like!

Project Details

Included are two versions, one with a pen holder on the side and the other without. The holes for the pens are 0.5" circles and are simple to change if needed.

If you choose to use thinner materials, remember that the overall finished item will be fairly short vertically, so you might consider adding an additional level or two.
You have two options for the base. You can make it a single layer and engrave the circles in the base to give the pens a place to land -OR- you can make it a double layer like I have pictured and cut the base circles and glue a bottom piece beneath it.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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