Classic Lantern with 3 Stand Options

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There are SO many ways to display this old fashioned classic lantern! It comes with 3 options for stands including a large organically shaped vine, an old fashioned lamppost, and a small curly stand if you just want it a bit off of the surface. **And the top comes off making it easy to put things in and take them out!**

Put an electric candle in it, fill it with flowers, a nest, eggs, and a bird, or butterflies - your imagination is the limit!

Learn more under Project Details (and watch the videos too!)!

* Digital Download Only. No Physical Items Included.*

Project Details

 Organic Stand Assembly Quick View


Lantern Assembly Quick View


Lantern File Overview


Project Overview

Check out all of the pictures above for ideas on what you can put in the lantern to make it uniquely yours!



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF



  • 1/8" MDF for the lantern, lamppost, and curly stand
  • 1/4" MDF for the organic vine stand
  • LocTite GO2 glue (blue cap)
  • Rustoleum and Krylon Spray Primers and Paints


  • The lantern takes 1 1/4 sheets of 11" x 19" material
  • The lamppost takes approx 1/3 sheet of 11" x 19" material
  • The curly stand takes less than 1/4 sheet of 11" x 19" material
  • The organic vine stand takes approx 1 1/2 sheets of 11" x 19" material



  • The lantern is approx 4" x 4" x 4"
  • The organic vine stand is 15" tall and 10.5" wide with a base that is ~10" x 7.9"
  • The lamppost is 8.1" tall x 4.3" wide with a base that is 4.55" round
  • The curly stand is 6.69" x 1.75"



  • We found the battery powered candles, the bird, nest, eggs, flowers, and butterflies at... you guessed it! Hobby Lobby. That place is dangerous.
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