Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath

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This design is a fun seasonal wreath that can be set up to interchange words and shapes to give it a fresh look and feel whenever you like (and of course you can make your own text instead if you want to)!

Product Details

The base is a woven circle style piece that you'll cut out to then glue all of the leaves to. Then we recommend that you paint your boards before cutting the leaves. To make it easier, we included score lines that divide each board into different sections so you can paint them with up to 3 different shades of green, mask, and cut them out.

** Refer to the included images to see how we arranged the leaves for our versions.

When placing the second layer of leaves, note where the included circles are placed as well. They are used to attach the velcro to secure the interchangeable seasonal pieces and the text. Once you're determined the placement, glue each into their spots.

Finally, paint and then cut/engrave the seasonal shapes and text using the notes on each file as guides and affix velcro to the back of each shape. We added a spot of glue to the back of each circle of velcro to ensure that they stick well to the material.

  • You can cut/engrave before painting, but trust us -- that's a LOT harder to do.
  • Additional notes and instructions are included on each file.
  • Each file includes a 1" square for sizing purposes if your chosen vector program does not import PDFs or SVGs properly.
  • Original file is made to fit the Glowforge Basic with the backing circle ~11" around. But it can be resized to any size you prefer.


Materials we used:

  • Glowforge Draftboard (MDF) - 4 sheets for all 4 seasonal versions
  • Apple Barrel brand paints
  • 5/8" (1.5cm) circle velcro
  • LockTite GO2 glue
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