Home Sweet Home Wall Art with Key Hanger Option

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$7.00 $4.55

This "Home Sweet Home" wall sign will look great in your entryway, by your exit door, or just about anywhere in your house!

Project Details


It comes with 4 different versions (all with small nail hole in back layer for hanging):

  • House+Text Only (any material thickness)
  • House+Text+Key Hangers+Shelf (slots for Glowforge Thick Plywood)
  • House+Text+Key Hangers+Shelf (slots for Ocooch 1/4" Plywood)
  • House+Text+Key Hangers (slots for Glowforge Thick Plywood)
  • BONUS! Home Sweet Home Keyring!

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.


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