Heart Shaped Wedding Registry

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This design is a beautiful and modern way to have guests at a wedding or other event let you know they were there and it gives the hosts a wonderful keepsake afterward!

The way it works is that guests write their names on small wooden hearts and drop them in one of the two slots at the top of the large, layered heart. The clear acrylic layer allows the hearts to be seen as they stack up inside.

Watch the Project Overview Video and learn more under the Project Details tab above!

Project Details



There are many different ways to customize this design including:

  • using different naturally colored woods
  • painting the different layers
  • engraving on the clear acrylic (I recommend engraving backwards on the back side so the front remains smooth)
  • using the two side hearts for dates, years, or even photos
  • you could also put materials like sand or other small materials inside the small hearts before gluing the clear acrylic layer on
  • adding layered text using the couple's names

Design hold approximately 60 hearts per spacer layer that you use. Each additional layer can add another 60 potential hearts.



  • "Mark Angie" - Mama Script
  • Ampersand - Caprizant


  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF



  • 15.05" x 10.73"


  • 1/4" Maple Plywood from 
  • 1/8" Clear Acrylic from
  • 1/8 MDF for the text
  • You can use any materials and thickness that you want. The ONLY things that matter are:
    • The spacer layers are at least as thick as the hearts so the hearts can fall down easily
    • Slot size in the stand is 0.116". Measure your material with the included slot sizer OR make a test slot first to be sure that it will fit. Edit the slot size if needed with your vector program. 



  • Minimum of 3 sheets of material for the heart and spacers (front, 1 spacer, back, stand pieces) and 1 sheet of clear acrylic. 
  • You can add additional spacers if desired. 



  • It is a simple slotted 2-piece stand that slides together and slide apart for transportation or storage if needed. 



  • Be SURE the middle "spacer" layer is at least as thick as the material you use for the hearts so they will easily drop down through the slots
  • Remember to use a wood for the hearts that you can easily write on.

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