Father's Day Trophy - "Best Dad Ever"

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This set comes with 2 options for a 6" tall trophy and 2 options for a 9" tall trophy. All can be made with 1/2 a sheet or less of 11" x 19" material - so they are fun AND inexpensive to make!

Click the Project Details tab above watch the File Overview Video and learn all about it!

* Digital Download Only. No Physical Items Included. *

Project Details



 Project Overview:

You can make these awards with wood, MDF, or acrylic - whichever you prefer. Or you can mix materials! Always, always measure your material with your calipers or with my free slot sizer (included in your download) and adjust the slots in the base to fit your chosen materials.

If you want to engrave the trophy, you can engrave wood or acrylic. If you're using transparent/translucent acrylic, I highly recommend that you flip the text and engrave it backwards so it's nice and clean looking from the front.

I included the "Best Dad Ever" graphic, so you can use that and flip if needed -OR- you can add your own text or graphics.

The design can be resized to any size you want, BUT you must adjust the height of the base slots (as well as the slot in the "Best Dad Ever" if you're using the 2 slotted base version) after doing so.

Both sizes of trophies come with a single slotted base for the trophy and then a double slotted base for "best dad ever" and the trophy behind it.



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF



  • 1/8" MDF and 1/4" Hot Pink Acrylic
  • You can use any material you wish. Always measure and adjust the base slots prior to cutting
  • Krylon and Rustoleum Primer and Spray Paints
  • LocTiteGO2 glue (blue cap)



  • There are 2 sizes of files included, 5.98" tall and 8.92" tall. 
  • They can be resized. Just remember to edit the slot sizes and length of the tab on the text if needed.
  • The slot sizes are all 0.12", so measure, adjust... you know the drill by now. :) 



  • Less than 1/2 of an 11" x 19" sheet of material for any of the sizes 


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