Drumstick Display

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If you have a collection of drumsticks or know someone who does, this may be the perfect gift!

Project Details

It holds 12 sticks and I’m including a desktop version as well as one that can be hung on the wall (I didn’t have any drumsticks on hand, so 1/2” dowel rods worked great for the picture 😂)


  • It is made to hold sticks that are 0.56" or smaller in diameter

  • I used Glowforge Thick Clear Acrylic that was .216" thick. ALWAYS measure first. Acrylic tends to vary in thickness quite a bit. so you may have to adjust the slots for your material.

  • 10.4” wide • 11.4” tall • 4.8” deep

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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