Double Layered Flame Award

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This double-layered flame award is great for sports awards, competitions, and more! Make it with an acrylic or wood back layer and engrave (backwards) on some clear or green glass acrylic for the front, and you'll have a unique and custom award that will be fun to give and to receive!

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Project Details


  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF




  • 1/4" Green Glass Acrylic
  • 1/4" Fluorescent Pink Acrylic
  • Use any materials you like! You'll adjust the two slots in the base to fit your specific materials



  • 0.20". You will measure your materials with your calipers or use my free slot sizer here and adjust the slots to your materials before cutting the project. 



  • There are two of the "front" flames included, 1 with the text I used and 1 blank. Add your own text if desired.
  • I always engrave with the text backwards so the front is smooth. I far prefer that look.
  • If you use thin material like 1/8", that's fine, BUT there will be a bit of the "shoulders" of the tab at the bottom of the flames that will stick up. If you want to, shorten the tabs so they are the same thickness as your material.


Need help with adjusting slots? I have a lot of tutorials on my YouTube Channel here! 

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