Dinosaurs and Gate

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 This set includes the files for 6 dinosaur shapes, 2 trees, 2 ground plants, a large gate, and 2 slotted base sizes for the elements to stand in. And in addition to the tabbed elements for the base, there's also 6 dinosaur shapes without tabs that you can cut at any size for huge wall signs or whatever you can dream up!

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* Digital Download Only. No Physical Items Included. This is a File to Cut on Your Laser. *


Project Details 

*** Watch the Project Overview Video First! *** 



  • Black lines = cut, red lines = score
  • Slot size: 0.2125"
  • Font used for word "room": Phosphate Solid
  • If adding a name across the top of the gate, connect all letters to each other and make it wide enough to touch both pillars. Then glue the name to the left and right pillars.
  • Choose the base you want - 4 or 6 slots (see video)
  • All elements are resizable - the only thing to edit will be the slot in the base to match the thickness of your material. Measure your material with your calipers and make one of the slots that height. Then copy and paste for the rest.
  • Do not adjust for kerf. You don't want a super tight fit. Kids need to be able to take the elements in and out easily.
  • I recommend painting both sides of the elements



  • 5 photos are included in the download folder and come with permissions to use them to market this design to your customers. The photos are only allowed to be used by those who purchase this design.



  • 2 main base sizes
  • 1 single slot base
  • 2 trees
  • 2 ground plants
  • 1 triceratops
  • 1 brontosaurus
  • 1 pterodactyl
  • 1 stegosaurus
  • 2 t-rexes
  • 1 large gate
  • 1 word "room"



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • PDF README file included



  • Original Base in Design: 14" x 4.25"
  • Height of Gate: 7.8"
  • Base Slot Size: 0.2125"
  • All pieces are 100% resizable. The only piece you'll adjust for your material is one base slot. Then you'll copy/paste the rest. 



  • I used 1/4" MDF. I like the pieces to be thicker and chunkier for kids to handle.
  • Before cutting you'll measure your material with your calipers or with my FREE SLOT SIZER (included) and then adjust the base slots for your material.
  • DO NOT make the slots very tight. Kids need to be able to get the elements in and out easily.
  • I used Rustoleum and Krylon spray primer and paint
  • I use LocTiteGO2 glue



  • All pieces can be made with 2 sheets of 11" x 19" material at the size shown. 



  • I used a font called Phosphate Solid.
  • I included the word "room" in the file, so you can create a name to go with it using that font if you like.
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