Dice Tower with Case

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If you play Dungeons and Dragons or other dice games, you know how great dice towers are - and having a cool one is even better! Imagine walking into your group game carrying a beautiful wood case and pulling out this gorgeous green glass acrylic and walnut dice tower. Your party will love it (and you will too)!

Project Details


I made two versions for different material thicknesses:

  • The 0.233" version is made with "Thick" Green Glass Acrylic from Glowforge and "Medium" Walnut Plywood (0.126")
  • The 0.126" version is made with "Medium" Maple Plywood from Glowforge

Both versions take two sheets of 12x20 material.


  • Cut all pieces vertically or horizontally so that the grain patterns go the same direction throughout.

  • Be SURE you measure the thickness of the tower you create BEFORE you cut the box to ensure that it fits. If you change material thicknesses, be careful to not affect the overall size of the tower externally.


If you need to adjust the slot sizes, that's no problem. I included sample copies of each slot in the design so that you can easily resize that slot and replace the existing ones with your resized ones.


I use LocTite GO2 for all of my projects.


Need help adjusting the slots for your dice tower?

Here's a step-by-step tutorial using Illustrator. All vector programs should be quite similar.


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