Custom Chess & Checkers Set

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This chess and checkers set makes an amazing gift or even just a creative project for yourself! It will be one of those things that'll make someone say, "You made that?!"

Project Details

I am including a 2-page PDF with tips and details about making this project as well as the details below...


  • Box is ~1.5" tall and ~10.3" inches square
  • Chess pieces average ~1.5" tall and have a 1" round base
  • Checkers are 1" circles

Materials I Used:

  • Glowforge Thick Walnut Plywood
  • Glowforge Thick Clear Acrylic
  • Glowforge Medium Maple and Walnut Hardwood

** I used a total of 4 12"x20" sheets of plywood (with scraps left on each), 2 small pieces of hardwood (for the chess pieces), and a small amount of clear acrylic for the bases.

If you'd like to use different materials, the two parts you'll need to adjust are the slots in the bases and the finger slots in the box sides and bottom. I recommend using to create the file you need.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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