Class of 2020 Keychains or Hangers

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Know someone who is graduating in 2020? This set of 4 designs gives you a variety of choices for different people or groups! They work great for key rings or hanging from a rear view mirror.

Project Details

>>Can these be resized?
Yes. Just watch the size of the circle so you can still fit a ring through it.

​Any. I used Glowforge Proofgrade Thick Clear Acrylic and Thick Maple and Cherry Plywoods, but you can use any materials you wish.

**I recommend something close to 1/4" thick. Thinner materials tend to break easily when used on key rings.

• Rectangle version: 3"x0.8"
• Grad Cap version: 2.3"x2.6"
• Class of 2020 version: 2" circle
• Class of 20 version: 2" x 1.75"

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