Cheer Award with Layered Base

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Awards are one of the easiest things to sell because businesses and organizations need them AND they need them over and over! This Cheer Award is simple to cut and to customize with any text you want.

Want the entire set of 17 Sports Awards? You can get it here:

* Digital Download Only. No Physical Items Included. These are files to cut on your laser. *

Project Details

Here's an overview video for the set that shows how the files work:
🎬 Set Overview Video:

FILE FORMATS (in 1 Zip File):
✅ Ai


I made many with 1/4" Green Glass Acrylic and some with 1/4" MDF - so you can use wood OR acrylic, or a mix! The initial slot size for the base is 0.2", but you will *always* measure your material with your calipers and adjust the slots to accommodate if needed *prior to cutting.*

I have included my free slot sizer to make that easier for you. Read the README file and watch the tutorial in the listing if you need help using it.

LINE COLORS: All black lines are intended to be cut and red lines are intended to be scored.

You'll add your own text or graphics to each award as needed.

The included base is made to be used as 3 layers, with the top most layer being slightly smaller than the next 2 to give it a more elegant look. The top 2 layers have an identical slot in them that you'll adjust for your material. The bottom layer is just a rectangle and meant to be glued on the bottom.

You also have the option to just use 1 slotted base and omit the other 2, just use 2, or use all three. If you want to just use 1 base, your fit will have to be very tight to avoid needing glue.


Awards average 4" wide x 7.4" tall
The bases are 5.7" x 1.6"
Slot size is 0.2" (you will *always* measure your material with calipers and adjust the slot to match your material prior to cutting)


1/4" Green Glass Acrylic
1/4" MDF
LocTiteGO2 glue
Rustoleum and Krylon Primer and Spray Paints


All awards can be made with just 1/3 of a sheet of 11" x 19" material or less, so they are VERY inexpensive to make and you can easily charge $20-$30 each or more.


If you're engraving on clear acrylic, I HIGHLY recommend engraving backwards so that the viewing side is smooth. That makes a much better look for the end user.

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