Candy Dispenser

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This classic style candy dispenser is SO much better than a boring bowl of candy! It is perfect for candies like Skittles or classic M&Ms (larger candies may not work - see description). Turn the handle and watch the candy come down the Plinko-style ramps into the waiting cup (or little hands) below! There's even a space in the back to store more cups.

 ** This is an intermediate level project. Read ALL info and watch all videos before starting!

* Digital Download Only. No Physical Items Included. This is a file you cut on your laser. * 


Project Details

Project Assembly Video


⚠️🚨 IMPORTANT: Watch all support videos and read all support material prior to cutting this or any project. ⚠️🚨



  • This project is made for 1/8" material (from 0.1" - 0.125"). It is not recommended for thicker material and may not function correctly if made with thicker material.
  • ALWAYS measure your material with your calipers prior to cutting.
  • Slot sizes in the design are 0.125". 
  • We made several versions with acrylic and with MDF. Our acrylic averaged 0.11" and our MDF averaged 0.123".
  • Recommended materials: we recommend making at least the parts that touch the candy out of acrylic since it will be easier to clean/keep clean. The outside beauty plates can be cut from any type of material you choose.

  • CANDY SIZE: Skittles and regular M&Ms are the size of candies that work best. We've experimented with small gumballs, peanut M&Ms, etc and they worked sometimes and other times they managed to balance against each other and not fall down into the turning mechanism. Your mileage may vary. So we stick with Skittles and M&Ms in our office.

  • PRO TIP! The top section where the candy is stored is not glued to the section below it on purpose to allow it to be cleaned easily. DO NOT lift the top storage section while it's full of candy... don't ask me how I know. 

** MARKETING PHOTOS are included in the download folder and any who purchase this file have the rights to use the photos to promote to their customers any way they choose.



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF


** A README PDF is included in the download with all of this info for reference later.


I've included several folders of files to benefit your preferences. 

  • All parts on a single file.
  • All parts nested tightly together and grouped onto Glowforge-sized workspaces (10.98" x 19.2") and saved as individual files.
  • All parts grouped together by materials we used (i.e. all pieces we cut from red acrylic are in one file, white acrylic are in another, etc and labeled 1, 2, 3, etc) -- you'll choose your materials, but this grouping will likely make it much easier for you.

All parts have small numbers for you to score on them to help with assembly. You *can* choose not to use the numbers at all by simply ignoring or deleting the numbers if you wish.



  • Approx 17.2" tall x 5.25" square (+ base that is ~6" x 8.92")





  • 1/8" acrylic (specific list above)




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