Business Card + Square Card Reader + Square Dock Holder

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Whether you need a simple business card holder for your desk or if you need something to hold both your cards and your Square Reader for craft shows, this design fits the bill! (and I just updated the listing to also include a version to hold the Square Dock)

Project Details

I've included many different slot size options in this laser-ready design:

  • Glowforge Thick Walnut Plywood (0.18 in)
  • Glowforge Medium Maple Plywood (0.13 in)
  • Glowforge Thick Black Acrylic (0.225 in)

I've also included two vertical back pieces for each material so that you have the option to have one that has text above or a logo if you like.

If you want to use the Square Card Reader version, do two things:

  1. Choose the material you're going to use and cut the corresponding half circle tab and vertical piece from the options listed in the file.
  2. Replace the two rectangular slots in the main base piece with whatever size slots you need from the 3 options or from what you create from your measurements.

I use LockTite GO2 for all of my projects.

** I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU ALWAYS MEASURE YOUR MATERIALS WITH CALIPERS FIRST AND CUT A TEST SLOT TO ENSURE A GOOD FIT BEFORE CUTTING THE REST OF THE PROJECT. Every batch of materials *may* be different, so do that first. I recommend isolating the rectangle slot you intend to use and cut that by itself to see how your material fits in it. Then adjust that slot if needed.

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