Box 50/50 Baltic Birch (15 Sheets of 1/8", 8 Sheets of 1/4") *SHIPPING INCLUDED!*

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This listing is for a 50/50 box of 15 sheets of 1/8" + 8 sheets of 1/4" Baltic Birch. It's unsanded BB/BB grade. The 1/4" is ~0.244" thick and the 1/8" is ~0.123". The sheets are ~19.2" x 11.9" each. There will be occasional small football-shaped patches on one side. 

  • The price includes free UPS ground shipping to the lower 48 states.
  • We can only ship to addresses that UPS ships to. 
  • Sorry, no PO Boxes.
  • All orders will ship out within 2 business days or less.
  • Baltic Birch is susceptible to bowing from humidity and temperature changes during shipping and storage. We recommend using hold down pins when needed.

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Here are some starting places for cut settings. 
* NOTE: All lasers and circumstances can vary. You'll need to do your own testing prior to cutting full projects.

1/4" Baltic Birch:

  • Glowforge: Thick Maple Plywood settings
  • Aeon Mira 9 (100 watt): 18 speed, 100 power with air assist


1/8" Baltic Birch:

  • Glowforge: Medium Maple Plywood settings
  • Aeon Mira 9 (100 watt): 35 speed, 100 power with air assist
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