Birthday Calendar

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This listing is for the *downloadable design files* for a fun Family Birthday Celebration Calendar! The size is ~18.44” x 5.31” for the main piece and ~1.4” for the set of shapes (hearts, circles, and stars).

Project Details

Files include:

  • Layered SVG and Layered PDF files for the back piece and another set of files for the circles, hearts, and stars [IN 1 ZIP FILE]
  • All text is flattened and uneditable and ready to laser cut
  • Since you'll need to add your own names+dates on the shapes, I included a couple of sets of text as examples. You can use whatever font you like for your own.


Materials I used:

  • 15mm jump rings from Michael's Craft Store
  • 1/4” Walnut Plywood (
  • 1/4” Maple Plywood (
  • Medium Maple Hardwood (Glowforge Proofgrade)
  • Hemp Rope (Hobby Lobby)

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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