Animal Bank Set v2 (8 Bank Designs)

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We took our most popular animal banks and made several changes to make them better for the end user AND more profitable for you!

These new designs can be made with just 1.5 sheets of material, so that means your cost should be as low as $5-$7 total and you can sell them for $30+ easily!

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Project Details




  • The two main changes we made to this set are reducing the height of the bank portion to be below the head level, thus saving significant material AND making all of the bank portions exactly the same for all animals in the set. 

  • These changes allow you to nest spacers inside of one another and cut many more than the previous design and create a much deeper area for the money to be stored - all in less than 2 sheets of material!

  • Spacers: I HIGHLY recommend that you use at least 4 spacers to create a good amount of room for money, both folded and coins. You can easily use up to 6 and still fit it all within 2 sheets of material.



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF



  • All banks vary slightly, but they average 10.6" tall and 6.7" wide.
  • Base slot size: 0.24"



  • 1/4" MDF from 
  • Base slot size: 0.24"
  • 1/8" clear acrylic for the bank front



  • Less than 2 sheets of 11" x 19" material (I made each using 1.5 sheets or less)
  • 1/4 sheet of 1/8" clear acrylic



  • For best results, prime and paint your material first, then after it dries completely, mask and cut. This will give you nice, crisp sides and a finished look that doesn't require painting all of the edges.
    -OR- you can cut then prime and paint, making sure to get the edges well with primer and paint so they look clean and uniform.  
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