Layered Christmas Town Scene (3.5"x5")

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Everyone loved my larger "Merry Christmas Town Layered Scene" (link below), so I wanted to make a smaller version that would be just as fun (more fun?)! This one measures just 3.5"x5" and is a total of 5 layers. You can use any material and any thickness you like. All you're going to do is measure the thickness of all 5 layers and make your own stands to fit that total (see notes in included file and overview video if you don't know how).

Project Details

Use different types of wood, use acrylic, paint the layers, add "Merry Christmas!", a family name, or whatever you want as text -- I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Materials I Used: (All are Glowforge Proofgrade Materials -- but you can use ANY material and thickness you want)

• Glowforge Medium Walnut Hardwood
• Glowforge Medium Maple Hardwood
• Glowforge Medium Cherry Hardwood
• Glowforge Medium Clear Acrylic

*You can, of course, use any materials or any thicknesses you like. The only adjustments you'll need to make will be to the size of the slot in the base to accommodate your chosen material. Other than that, anything would work.

  • I used Alegreya SC font for my family name and edited the letter spacing.
  • I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.
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