2021 Graduation Designs

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If you know anyone graduating in 2021, this design package is, well, packed with value! The design files include a "Class of 21" 3-layered award with a 2-layered base as well as 4 keychain designs as well.

Project Details


  • AI, SVG, PDF vector files (Additional instructions are included within all files)



All materials listed are from and and the specific products are linked. But you can use any materials you like! The keychains look GREAT on fluorescent acrylics!

I used many different materials and all varied in thickness slightly, as materials do.

The thickness of the grad cap doesn't matter since it's glued onto the grad cap shape on the back vertical piece.



  • SLOT SIZES: 0.2083".
  • You MUST measure your materials first and adjust the two slots in the base if needed. 
  • Use the included sample slot. And reference the tutorials provided if needed.

  • Base is 6.35" x 2.98". Vertical pieces are 6.30" x 5.35".



Be SURE to put your text on the vertical acrylic backwards so that it's engraved on the back of the piece. It results in a much cleaner look.

THE BASE: Measure the thickness of your materials with calipers. The base is made to be two pieces thick, but you can do a single base if you want to. Just measure your materials and change the length of the tab at the bottom of the two 21s so that they aren't longer than the thickness of your materials.

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