Layered Art Tiles (Set of 10)

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This set includes 10 art layers that you can combine in all kinds of ways! There are 5 different versions of trees, 2 mountains, a sun/moon, and a blank frame (for you to add on top for depth or to add your own designs to).

Project Details

The squares are 9.5" and you can cut each out of any material you want (I used Glowforge Thick Plywood for mine). You can also resize them, but bear in mind that if you make them much smaller, some of the branches may become quite thin, so be careful. You'll probably want to make them thicker in your design program if you're going to reduce the size much.

There are green circles in each tile. Those are for you to cut out if the tile you're working on is a back layer. These allow you to hang the tile with nails. Don't want them? Choose "ignore" in your Glowforge interface. If you're using another laser, simply delete them.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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