Gear Coasters (5) and Holder

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Here's a set of 5 different gear-shaped coasters and a holder to store them in. I've included files for 2 different material thicknesses (.193" and .243", Glowforge "Thick" Maple and Ocooch Hardwoods 1/4" respectively). Cool mug not included.

Project Details

As with any materials, every batch can and does vary, so be sure to measure your materials and cut small tests before doing the whole project.

Need help with adjusting slots and kerf?
Check out my tutorials under the "Tips and Tutorials" tab.

** A 1" square is included in the design file for size reference if you're using a vector program that doesn't handle SVG sizing accurately.

(Any material and thickness can be used - you'll just have to adjust the tabs and slots throughout the design to match your chosen materials.)

  • 1/4" Walnut and Maple Plywood from
  • LockTite GO2 glue

MEASUREMENTS: Coasters are 4"

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