Shooting Star Award

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This Shooting Star Award can be used for all kinds of recognition! Add some unique materials or paint combinations to make it really shine! Learn more under the Project Details tab above.

* This is a file to cut on your laser. No physical items are included. *

Project Details


  • The two star cut out panels that go on the front and back of the award that sandwich the middle piece need to be glued on either side of the middle piece before the middle is put into the bases. That way you can align the tops of all 3 pieces at the top. That will leave ~0.44" sticking out the bottom as a tab to go into the two slotted base pieces. 

    NOTE: If your base material is less than 0.22" thick, you'll need to shorten the main vertical piece so that all of the pieces meet properly. 



  • Ai
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF
  • EPS


  • The vertical star portion is 11" tall x 5" wide
  • The base is 3 layers and the largest is 5.6" x 2.4"
  • Slot size is 0.23"



  • In the version pictured, I used acrylic from https://houstonacrylic.com/
    • 1/8" Color Carve Chrome
    • 1/4" Black Matte One Side Shiny One Side
    • 1/8" Purple Mirror

  • I used the 1/4" black acrylic for the vertical piece and the 3 base layers with the matte side facing up. Then I cut the star cut out layers twice from the purple mirror and twice from the chrome color carve. 

  • NOTE: Those extra layers are not needed - they just made it look great and feel significant when held. 



  • Less than 1 sheet of 11" x 19" material
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